welcome to the new website for simplici-tea.com

We will continue our commitment to make high quality compost tea brewing systems and have expanded our product line to soil and soil amendments.


Compost tea is an aerated solution that is teeming with billions of beneficial microorganisms that can be applied directly to the leaf surface of a plant as a foliar spray or used as a soil drench to improve root systems. It is made by extracting and replicating the beneficial biology and diversity in compost into a liquid form. Compost tea works by putting the aerobic beneficial biological diversity that your plant needs onto the leaf surface of the plant or the soil. You can enjoy the proven benefits of compost now in a liquid form. Many home gardeners and farmers use compost tea as an organic fertilizer to restore a much needed diversity and population of beneficial bacteria, fungi, and protozoa back into the soil food web. Others use compost tea as a foliar spray to reduce disease. Whatever your particular needs, compost tea will help you on the path towards a healthier, natural, organic garden!

Some Benefits of Compost Tea Include:

  • Increases nutrient cycling in the rhizosphere (area around the roots)
  • Helps extend root systems
  • Is 100% safe and natural and cannot be over applied
  • Creates healthier plants
  • Helps breakdown of toxins in the soil and on the plants
  • Enhances the taste of fruits and vegetables (raises brix levels)