Lab Results

In addition to our lab results below, we have the ability to analyze soil tests from Logan Labs and send out “customized” mineral/nutrient packages for raised beds, gardens, and container growers.  These results are based on Steve Solomon’s formulas in his book, “The Intelligent Gardener.”

Soil Testing on KIS Soils

KIS Biochar Soil 03-26-2015

KIS Organics Water Only Soil and Nutrient Pack 03-18-2015

Lab Testing on our products

If you want to know what you are spraying in your compost tea, continuous lab testing is essential. The lab results tell us many things:

1. the quality of the compost
2. the quality of the tea brewed (what is the actual count of the microorganisms)
3. the quality of the food source added (if it has grown the microbes within the necessary range)
4. the quality of the brewer that is doing the replicating

NOTE: The results of your lab tests may also be affected by the quality of your water source. Also, some of the contact information has been removed from the tests themselves due to the fact that some of the tests were performed independently by customers using our brewer. Their information has been removed to protect their privacy. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our lab tests or how to read the results.

We have tested all of our foods and compost and done extensive testing in creating our Pro Kit. Here are some of the test results. The results are in pdf format. We have many other test results not posted on the internet, please contact if you have specific questions regarding testing or wish to see testing on one of our products currently not listed below.

5-gallon Brewing System with KIS Composts and Foods (pdf)

5-gallon Brewing System with KIS Composts and Foods (2) (pdf)

28-gallon Brewing System with KIS Composts and Foods (excel document)

Fungal Compost (pdf)

Vermicompost (pdf)

Alaska Humus (pdf)

We’ve tested our compost extensively to ensure the highest quality tea in your brews . There are many variables involved with each batch tested. The first test is the result of batch #4604 of the compost and the tea. Your brewed tea should be similar, though may vary with different temperatures and water use.