Green Friday Sale Terms & Conditions

KIS Organics Green Friday Sale

Terms & Conditions

Green Friday sale includes 20% off KIS Organics brand products, including the KIS Organics Bagged Soils, KIS Nutrient Packs, KIS Compost Teas, and the KIS 5-Gallon Mini Microbulator. Pricing is reduced by 5% and the additional 15% discount will be applied at checkout.

All other products are 15% off with the following exclusions: Dino Light Microscopes, PAR & Moisture Meters, LED Lights, Leaf Works & Genie Lab Test Kits, Agri Air & Beanstalk products, Barnel Pruners, WOW Mychorrhiza, and EcoPlus Commercial Air Motors & Pumps.  The 15% discount will automatically be applied at checkout.

BIOS Icarus Vi VS Series Lighting System is $50 off. Purchase an entire kit for only $600 with FREE shipping! This kit is sold as a set of 2 Icarus 300w VI VS fixtures for a total of 600w. View product HERE.

Green Friday sale begins on Thanksgiving (November 25, 2021) and runs until midnight on Monday, November 29th (Pacific Time).