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We Can Fill All Order Sizes

Whether it's 1 yard or 400+ yards or more... we've got you covered!

Our team is here to talk with you in detail about your specific soil needs (with no obligation, of course).
Due to the risk of contamination and the cost of return freight, we are not able to return bulk products back to us once they have been delivered.

Please note that all bulk shipping costs are PASS THROUGH costs.
KIS Organics does not mark up ANY freight and passes the lowest possible cost onto customers.
We have no control over the current freight costs.

KIS Organics Soil by Frieght

Large & Commercial Projects

We offer discounts on large quantity orders.
If you would like to purchase a smaller order to test our soil before placing a larger order, please let us know in the freight form request.

Once you submit your quote request form, we will provide you a personalized quote with the best pricing on the products you need. 
There is no obligation to purchase.  We keep all of your information strictly confidential.

All bulk orders are shipped to you via our trusted freight partners to provide you the lowest prices on freight delivery.

 (Orders do not ship until payment is received.)


KIS Organics Soil Pricing

Not all quantities are listed. Larger quantities receive additional discounts.

Biochar Soil

Commercial Growers Mix

Water Only Soil

1 yard $450/yd. 10+ yards $325/yd. 1 yard $350/yd.
5+ yards $427/yd. 20+ yards $305/yd. 5+ yards $332.50/yd.
10+ yards $405/yd. 50+ yards $285/yd. 10+ yards $315/yd.
20+ yards $350/yd. 75+ yards $275/yd. 20+ yards $295/yd.

(To view all options on mobile, swipe left to right on table above to see all soil prices.) 

*All of our soils are available in larger and custom quantities 

Veggie Mix

Seed Starter

1 yard $225 1 yard tote $200
10+ yards $215 2 yard tote $320
30+ yards
$205 call us for
50+ yards $195 larger quantities

(To view all options on mobile, swipe left to right on table above to see all soil prices.)  

*All of our soils are available in larger and custom quantities 

  *pricing as of July 2020

Coordinate Your Equipment Rental

We get it, logistics can be a nightmare. If you will be renting a forklift or other equipment to unload your order upon delivery, please coordinate with our team to make sure our freight delivery service will arrive within the appropriate time window. 


Please call for wholesale purchases or to inquire about custom soil blends.

Our friendly and knowledgable staff is on hand to answer your questions. 

(425) 558-0990 

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9:00 am-4:30 pm Pacific Time
Monday - Friday 


Blumat® Watering Systems

Custom. Reliable. Efficient. Smart.

Water whatever you're growing, we can design a system just right for you.

Ideal for raised beds and greenhouses year-round.

Get a Custom Quote for Blumats for your Grow

Consulting Services

Are you looking for consulting on larger scale projects?
Reach out to our consulting team at Kaizen Consulting for personalized recommendations and support.


Still Have Questions?

We are here to help.
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 Living Soil Saves You Money 

The Economics of 'Water Only' Soils

Many people are initially deterred by the cost of Water Only soils and this article is an attempt to look closer at the economics behind this growing method and how it will save you money. I’m going to look at this a few different ways, to address growers of different scale. Whether you have 6 plants or thousands of plants, I believe the numbers add up to considerable savings.

So let’s take a look at the most basic example. [Read full article...] 


A Cost Analysis of KIS Organics Soil over a 3-Year Period

10,000 square foot building


Abstract: There currently exists many different methodologies for growing cannabis in controlled environments.  Many of the current methods involving hydroponic cultivation have a large carbon footprint and negative environmental impact due to the use of fossil fuels. These methodologies only allow for the media to be used one or two times before being disposed of, which contributes to leaching of phosphates and other nutrients into our groundwater. An additional factor with cannabis cultivation is cost of production. The current market in WA and OR has driven the value of cannabis to record lows, resulting in many growers going bankrupt. It is increasingly important to find ways to cut costs while maintaining a high quality product for the retail market. This paper is an attempt to show the affordability of living soil methodologies in regards to cost and yield for commercial cultivators of cannabis. [Read full article...]

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Still Have Questions?

We are here to help.
Monday - Friday open from 9:00am - 4:30pm

(425) 558-0990


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