Sea-Crop Ocean Mineral Supplement

A soil micro-flora stimulant containing 89 natural source elements and bio-active organic substances from Pacific Ocean water.



In the late nineteenth century Dr. Rene Quinton did experiments showing that seawater could be used to replace blood in animals and he went on to develop a seawater extract that was used for transfusions in place of blood plasma during World War One.

During the twentieth century Dr. Maynard Murray spent decades doing agricultural research with both plants and animals to demonstrate the many benefits that can be obtained by using both seawater and seawater concentrates.

In the twenty-first century Ambrosia Technology, LLC has continued research based on the work of these pioneers and has developed the product Sea-Crop. Sea-Crop is a concentrate that contains all of the wonderful goodness of seawater in concentrated form but with the sodium chloride 95% reduced.

It is believed that the 89 elements in seawater working together with its contained organic content are responsible for its well documented positive effects.


SEA-CROP® Instructions for Use


The product must be diluted before application.


  • Use at a concentration of 1% to 2% strength. One gallon of SEA-CROP® added to 49 gallons of water equals a 2% solution. Five tablespoons of SEA-CROP® (two and a half ounces) per gallon of water equals a 2% solution.

 Soil Drench:

  • Diluted SEA-CROP® can be used as a soil drench. Use a minimum of 3 applications per season applied at 3 week intervals starting at planting, transplanting or after emergence. A good alternative is to do one soil application followed by two foliar applications after emergence.

 Foliar Spray:

  • Diluted SEA-CROP® can be used as a foliar spray. A minimum of 3 applications per season applied at 3 week intervals are recommended.


Annual Application Rates

Garden Produce:

  • Apply 4 gallons of SEA-CROP® concentrate per acre.

 Row Crops:

  • Apply 2 to 4 gallons of SEA-CROP® concentrate per acre.

 Trees and Orchards:

  • Medium size trees (size 3-6 feet): use 4 oz. SEA-CROP® seawater concentrate per tree, not to exceed 10 gallons per acre.
  • Large trees (size 6-12 feet): use 6 oz of SEA-CROP® concentrate per tree, not to exceed 10 gallons per acre.

Lawns and Turf:

  • Apply 2 to 4 gallons per acre.


  • Safely handle SEA-CROP® as you would any agricultural input.


  • For best results, never mix SEA-CROP® with synthetic fertilizers, insecticides or herbicides. SEA-CROP® should be applied, by itself, one to two weeks before or after other agricultural treatments. Co-application with compost tea is permissible.


Excellent results have been reported when SEA-CROP® has been mixed with molasses or unpasteurized milk for co-application as a soil drench. Either of these is an effective addition to aid in building up soil microflora populations and promotes rapid assimilation by soil biota of all kinds.

When using molasses, any kind will do. Just pick up the cheapest kind that you can get at the feed store. Also take care not to overdo it. If you use more than a couple of gallons per acre per year, you run the risk of turning soil bacteria into sugar junkies and that is counterproductive.

When milk is used, 2 to 3 gallons of unpasteurized milk will do the trick. Alternatively, other sugar sources such as 6 pounds to the acre of sucrose or dextrose could be used.

A good program is to only use molasses or milk with the first SEA-CROP® application each growing season.



  • SEA-CROP® may be used as a mineral supplement for animal nutrition. The product can be added to drinking water or food. The very low daily dosage rate is 0.02 to 0.05 milliliters per kilogram of body weight. This is approximately 1/5 to1/2 teaspoon per 100lbs.

NOTE: For bulk orders or larger quantities, please call the office at 425.558.0990


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