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Natural Wet is an organic wetting agent that contains complex sugar structures (saponins) extracted from the desert plant Yucca schidigera. Saponins help plants utilize nutrients and increase stress resistance. Natural Wet may also facilitate nutrient and water absorption into the plant, stimulate plant growth and development, and as a result increase crop yield. Natural Wet’s principle ingredients are saponins (sapogenin glycosides) derived from yucca plant extracts. The yucca plant has adapted to thrive in harsh environments. These plants produce the saponins to aid in their survival. Saponins aid in water penetration and nitrogen utilization. During times of heat and moisture stress Natural Wet can aid plants by helping regulate water usage and increase their tolerance to these stresses. The effects can be seen immediately after application.

Natural Wet is listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) and the Washington State Organic Food Program (WSDA-OFP) for use in organic production. The unique properties of the yucca extract found in Natural Wet help foliar spray solutions spread and stick to the plant surface for better coverage. Natural Wet can also help loosen up compacted soils. Saponins have a slight detergent quality to them which can help eliminate clods and get water to penetrate soils that have a history of poor water absorption. Natural Wet makes an excellent wetting agent for clay soils and potting mixes. 

Benefits of Using Natural Wet

• 100% Biodegradable

• 100% Natural

• 100% Organic

• Compatible with almost all products

• Reduces surface tension of liquids

• Helps reduce stress caused by drought

• Increases water uptake

• Suitable for organic production

• Increases water penetration into the soil

• Improves drainage and reduces salinity

Adding Natural Wet to the irrigation water can help nutrients penetrate and adhere to hydrophobic soils or growing medias, allowing water to reach deeper into the root zone. Natural Wet is ideal for organic growers who are looking for an OMRI listed wetting agent , and commercial growers who are looking for a safe, non-phytotoxic wetting agent. Hydroponic growers who use coconut coir and other hard-to-wet medias will find Natural Wet a welcome addition to their nutrient mixes. Desert growers, and those experiencing drought stresses, will benefit from applications of Natural Wet by way of increased yields and stress reduction. Natural Wet is a liquid formulation available in several package sizes including drums and totes.