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BIOS Vi VS Series 4’ High Output Kit: 321-ViVS-00001

The BIOS Icarus Vi VS indoor grow light kit is made up of industrial-quality, high-output grow lights. This kit is sold as a set of 2 Icarus 300w VI VS fixtures for a total of 600w.

In addition to the superior uniformity, the BIOS Icarus Vi VS wields the same broad spectrum that comes standard with all BIOS fixtures and is designed specifically around what all crop types expect from sole source lighting. All BIOS Icarus Vi VS fixtures come with easily accessible 0-10V dimming leads so you integrate your favorite dimmer to provide just the right levels for your grow, with a dimming range of full on to off. 

As with other luminaries designed by BIOS, the flat panel Icarus Vi uses a tempered glass diffuser for simplicity of general maintenance and upkeep so that your light levels do not falsely depreciate by dirt or water spots.

Dimmer not included.

Download Spec Sheet here: Bios Vi VS Spec Sheet

Download the Bios Vi VS Thermals Sales Sheet here: Vi VS Thermals