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Spring/Summer 2021: Due to high demand this item is on back order for 4 to 5 weeks. 

Usually people want to get rid of flies, but us gardeners who want the best and most efficient composters on the planet? We buy homes for them! Black soldier flies are amazing at composting just about any organic matter you throw at them. The adult flies don't have mouths, as they don't eat so they don't transmit disease like house flies. This is a great option for most people in the US as a way to create a sustainable solution for rapidly composting everything from dog poop to vegetable waste to just about any science experiment your kids can think of. 

Bio Pod Plus for black soldier fly composting

A. Uses for Soldier Grubs
1. Bird & Wildlife Feeders (omnivore and carnivore species)
2. Reptile / Amphibian Food (Herps)
3. Fishing Bait (hooked in rear)
4. Small-scale Aquaculture / Aquaponics
5. Aquariums / Koi Ponds / Aquaponics - Live Food
6. Backyard Chickens / Poultry Feed
7. Creation of Starter Colonies
8. Beneficial Addition to Mixed Waste Compost Piles

B. Uses for Friable Black Compost
1. Gardening Amendments
2. Custom Soil Blends
3. Vermiculture / Worm Bin Food
4. Indoor Houseplant Additive

C. Uses for Liquid Tea
1. Natural Filth Fly Repellent
2. Female Attractant for Restarting Colony
3. Liquid Plant Fertilizer (dilute 20:1)

Small Scale Applications

1. Diversion of Biodegradable Kitchen Scraps
2. Pet Waste Digester (exclusive, feces only)
3. Food Waste Recycling - small office
4. Reduction of Organic Trash (10:1)
5. Improve quality of recyclables by pre-separation


  • Divert and digest all food scraps from smelly garbage bin, kitchen insinkerator and open-air garden composter
  • Re-capture valuable lipids and proteins found in kitchen waste and manure, transforming them into usable live feed for domesticated animals, pets and wildlife
  • Friable compost may be used directly in the garden or as the ultimate worm bin food, producing casting faster than normal
  • Family-friendly system provides children with an education in sustainability, the cycle of life, and organic gardening
  • Helps reduce carbon footprint associated with food decay (and landfill methane production) by diversion and recycling
  • Actively feeding grubs secrete a natural fly repellant called a synomone (an interspecies, chemical communication that alerts and warns other kinds of flies to stay away)
  • Beneficial Soldier Grubs are self-separating, auto-harvesting, robust, prolific, hardy, indigenous, harmless, easy-to-store, simple to transport, dry to the touch in pupal stage, a convenient bait, and extremely nutritious!


  • Hinges provide a means to easily open the rectangular main lid using the front handle
  • Pair of angled, 40˚ migration ramps allow for natural migration of grubs. Inner edge of 2" wide ramps possess a raised lip to guide grubs and optimize auto-crawl-off. Ramps lead to harvest slit at top which overhangs the entry chute of the harvest bucket.
  • Covered harvest bucket auto-collects grubs for simple, no-hassle separation. Bucket fits snuggly into body and features: a drip channel that diverts condensation and precipatation away from the contents, a carrying handle to remove unit from body while providing a means of gripping while pouring out grubs, an air port slot to keep grubs from suffocating, and a top entry chute when the grubs fall.
  • Convenience lid easily pivots, allowing for quick dumping of food scraps,while shielding top ventilation portal - critical for aeration and egg laying
  • Heavy duty, weather-resistant construction ensures long life span, protection of colony from the elements and multi-year use
  • Fresh air enters through bucket slit, passively flowing through entry chute in bucket, which leads to the harvest slot in body and exits at convenience lid - continually providing a source of fresh air
  • Compact design is ideal for shade gardens and patios - compatible with forest, rural, suburban and urban settings
  • Passive drainage of tea occurs through the permeable drainage pad and perforated drainage plate, allowing liquids to flow freely into collection area, helping to maintain aerobic conditions
  • Sturdy drainage plate phyically separates active colony from liquid catchment area, allowing liquid to pass through 0.5 cm holes
  • Faux stone appearance blends in naturally with landscaping
  • Barrier Lip completely surrounds the top of the body. This lip 1) improves efficiency by virtually eliminating escapees 2) provides pregnant females with additional egg laying surfaces and 3) helps direct migrating grubs into the harvest slit.


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