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Bio-Charge Your Garden with the new KIS BioCharge Combo!

Our KIS BioCharge Combo Includes:
(1) Half Gallon BioChar Surpreme
(2) 5-Gallon Compost Tea Kits


Biochar yields bigger and better crops, boosts crop yields, attracts fertilizers and nutrient minerals, and aids in water retention. Biochar also improves drainage in heavy clay soils, and changes the soil structure to become more useable and allows plants to thrive!

Learn more about the benefits of Biochar Surpreme here! Once the Biochar is applied, charge it with the compost tea!



The new KIS BioCharge Combo includes (2) of our 5-Gallon Compost Tea Brewing Kits (tea brewer system not included). We have done extensive testing and research in designing these kits in order to guarantee consistently high numbers of beneficial microorganisms in every brew.  Each kit contains high-quality compost, and foods to enable microbial growth.

Learn more about our KIS Compost Tea Kits and how to use them here.



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