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This week's podcast is all folks that will be speaking or attending the Biocontrols Conference this year. There are a ton of wonderful speakers and talks. Here's the link if you want to check it out! https://www.biocontrolsusa.com/ I caught up with Suzanne Wainwright Evans, who most listeners are familiar with, to talk a bit about the cannabis aphid, which is the topic of her talk at the conference. I also interviewed John Sanderson who is a professor of entomology at Cornell University with over 30 years of experience in pest management experience on greenhouse crops. Ronald Valentin, the director of...

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Paul Cockson has been working with plants since 2008.  His love for plants was a lifelong passion that developed and grew through the Nebraska Master Gardener program and through his involvement with Hubner’s Nursery.  Paul received his BS from NC State during which time he published 5 refereed journal articles, received the International Society for Horticulture Society for Horticulture Science Young Minds award, published over 20 extension and outreach publications, and published 3 e-books.  Paul has a passion for scientific investigation with the end goal of providing growers and producers with applicable and impactful production knowledge and practices.  Paul is...

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Dr. Adie Rae (publishing under Wilson-Poe) is an NIH-funded neuroscientist who has been studying cannabis, opioids, and their interaction for her entire career. She has a strong publication record in chronic pain, addiction, and harm reduction. Dr. Rae is currently an assistant scientist at Legacy Research Institute in Portland OR and holds a joint faculty appointment at Washington State University. Her multi-faceted work ranges from synaptic physiology to clinical pain management. Dr. Rae's long-term academic research goal is to define the harm reduction potential of cannabis in the opioid overdose epidemic. As a co-founder of Smart Cannabis, Adie leverages her knowledge of pharmacology to enhance consumer wellbeing and support craft cannabis producers. Smart Cannabis is a Portland-based consulting and research firm that...

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My guest this week is Deron Caplan. Deron is a horticultural scientist and the Director of Plant Science at Flowr  in Kelowna, BC. He was the first person in North America to earn a Ph.D. with research focused on cannabis production. Dr. Caplan has written and published several peer-reviewed articles on cannabis production, focusing on irrigation, growing media, fertilization, and propagation. He has testified on cannabis production before the Canadian Senate’s Standing Committee on Agriculture and Forestry and has provided expert commentary on cannabis for a variety of media outlets, including CBC, Nature, and Rolling Stone Magazine. You can follow Deron on...

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  Andrew Black is the Certified Kind Founder and Director. Andrew spent the past 11 years working for Oregon Tilth, one of the nation’s most trusted organic certification agencies. Andrew has worn many hats in organic certification, including Farm Program Manager, Inspector, Final Reviewer, Latin American Specialist, and Certification Officer. Andrew has inspected hundreds of farms and food processing facilities in the United States and Latin America and has made certification decisions for hundreds more. He is an expert compliance reviewer for products certified to the USDA National Organic program plus the organic standards of the European Union, Canada, and...

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